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Where are you located?

We are closed Rabbitry located in Alachua, FL (approx 10 minutes outside of Gainesville, FL).


What will my new bunny cost?

Pricing: All rabbits are priced individually based on parents, characteristics, and overall quality of the individual dwarf. 

Pricing Chart: (COLOR, XS, SM listed in title)

Chestnut & Black - $250 - $400. Price is based on parents, individual characteristics and potential show quality. Size is listed as XS or SM. Size is an estimation and never guaranteed.

White (Ruby Eyes & Blue Eyes) - $300 - $500. Price is based on parents, individual characteristics and potential show quality. Size is listed as XS or SM. Size is an estimation and never guaranteed.

Blue & Vienna Marked - $300 - $500 - Price is based on parents, individual characteristics and potential show quality. Size is listed as XS or SM. Size is an estimation and never guaranteed.


A deposit of 20% must be received to hold. We generally sell all bunnies within the first week they're listed, so it is recommended that you join our mailing list to be notified of available litters. We are a boutique mini rabbitry and only have two or three litters per year.


How big will my bunny get?

We carefully and thoughtfully breed and strive to produce small, show quality, healthy offspring with sweet temperaments. We can not guarantee a certain size or weight, as diet, exercise and overall health plays a huge part (it's like asking a mother what size her newborn baby will be in adulthood). However, we can give you a truthful size of parents and an estimated size of bunny. The average weight of our adult rabbits is 2-3 pounds.

Beware of breeders using the terms teacup, micro, nano, and even pocket sized to described these bunnies as they are unofficial terms that can be misleading.


Will my bunny need any vaccinations?

Although vaccinations are not required in rabbits, we highly encourage you to visit your local exotic veterinarian to discuss vaccinating your bunny for protection against the RHDV2. The vaccine is currently available in 45 states.


Do you ship/transport?

Yes!  We can recommend an excellent a pet transporter that will drive and/or fly to deliver your bunny to your location. The cost of air transportation varies depending on flight costs to your nearest airport as well as the transporters travel fees. The cost of ground transportation depends on the distance you are from Gainesville, FL.  Please keep in mind that transporting can be stressful for the rabbit, so it's always best to pick up your new pet bunny.


What should I feed my bunny?

You can find our Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Care information HERE.


Should my bunny live indoor or outdoor?

Our bunnies are accustomed to living indoors where they are safe from predators and extreme temperatures. Therefore, our bunnies will not be adopted out to those with plans to keep them outdoors for 24-hour housing. We do recommend fresh air and outdoor exercise if/when proper safety precautions are taken to keep the dwarf safe from predators and parasites.


How do I litter train my bunny?

You can find our blog post on litter training your bunny, HERE


Should I spay/neuter my bunny?

Spay/neuter is very personal decision for families to consider. All surgeries have risks involved making the decision all the more difficult. Things to consider:

  • You will need to find an excellent exotic vet with plenty of spay/neuter experience on small animals.
  • Female rabbits have a high rate of uterine cancer without spay
  • Males may exhibit unwelcome reproductive behaviors such as spraying urine and mountings without neuter
  • Homing/bonding multiple rabbits would require spay/neuter to prevent pregnancies and hormonal squabbles.


I don't know a lot about rabbits so I'm nervous about having one as a pet. How will I know what to do once I have one in my home?

Adora offers a lifetime of support for new bunny owners! We'll answer any questions that arise during your sweet journey with your new bunny. 


Can I return my bunny?

Although we do not provide refunds for your bunny (other than a 7 day health guarantee), we will accept your bunny back at our farm at any point, no questions asked.


Do you offer (sell) breeding rights?

No. Breeding is an art that takes patience and perseverance; it is not for the faint of heart. As a registered ARBA breeder, our goal is to achieve excellence, according to the Standard of Perfection (SOP) set forth by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Our stock comes from well known breeders with excellent genetic lines and we want to improve genetic health and quality while sharing the joy of our rabbits with responsible pet owners. Breeding rights/pedigrees are only considered and/or offered to registered ARBA breeders.



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